Faculty of Geological Exploration

Faculty of Geological Exploration

There are 1 academician, 1 correspondent member of ANAS, 4 professors, 35 associate professors, 8 senior teachers, 10 assistants, 26 teachers and 21 teaching assistants. 960 of them are students and 34 are students of correspondence departments.There is a “Mineralogical Museum” at the faculty. The director of the museum is Agayevhdi Mirhashim oghlu.                                                                                             

Since 1920, in the mining department of the Faculty of Oil Industry began to train specialists in geology and exploration of oil and gas and other mineral deposits, and since 1936 as the faculty of Geological Exploration. Since its inception, Azerbaijan has also trained personnel for engineering geologists, engineering geophysicists, and engineer hydrogeologists for a number of foreign countries.                                                                                                                 

Since its inception, the faculty has trained about 10,000 engineers and 100 masters.  There are 5 foreign students in the faculty. At present the bachelor's degree is prepared for the following specialties.

050602 - “Geological Engineering”

050603 - “Hydrogeological Engineering”

050604 - “Geophysical Engineering”

050605 - “Mining Engineering”

050508 - “Geology”

There are two chairs "Oil and gas geology", "Geophysics", "Geology", "Geology and development of mineral deposits" and "Foreign language-2".

There are 7 employees in the GKF Dean's office. Dean, Deputy Dean, 5 Tutors work.