Faculty of Geological Exploration

Geology and development of mineral deposits


 “Geology and exploitation of the deposits of mineral resource”  department created on the base of 2 departments: “Mineralogy, Petrography and lithology” and “Exploitation of the deposits of the mineral resource” in February, 2016.

Bachelors and masters are preparing on the field of 050624 “Mining engineering” and 050506 “Geology” at the “Geology and exploitation of the deposits of mineral resource” department.

Department’s students are getting industrial experience at the advanced mining companies of the republic like Chovdar gold mine, Gedabek and Kadir, Ugur gold-copper mines.

Currently, 1 professor-consultant, 10 associated professor, 1 senior teacher and 4 assistants are working in the department. In additional, the leading scientists attracted to the teaching process from institutes of ANSA.

In the department of “Geology and exploitation of the deposits of mineral resource” scientific investigation works are leading beside of staff training.

Scientific investigation works are leading at the department, on the topic of “Geology of the deposits of the some mineral resource of Nakhcivan depression and technology of their exploitation with new methods” in 2016-2020.

Nowadays Mineralogical museum, X-ray diffractometric, lithological, petrographical laboratories and geodetic cabinet are operating in the content of the department.

Mineralogical museum set was up at the base of mineralogical cabinet in 1920 which was in the “Geological Exploration” faculty of Azerbaijan Industrial University. At that time there were only a few minerals which were brought from Azerbaijan and some of the European countries in the mineralogical cabinet. During the years, cabinet is reached new minerals and museum status is given to this cabinet by Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic in 2017. Currently, museum reached with minerals which they are brought and bought from the 130 different deposits of the world. Mineral resource of the museum contains of 6400 mineral examples and about 350 types of the mineral.

A.M. Agaev who is the director of the Mineralogical museum, has his own care on the compilation of the museum and becomes a rich with new minerals. There are a lot of valuable and different minerals which are rich with rare elements. Museum has necessarily importance at the teaching for some subjects as mineralogy, petrography, geochemistry and others. Scientific investigation works are realizing at the museum, the quantity of the minerals is increasing day by day.

Guests who come from foreign countries get acquaintance with the minerals, value them highly and emphasize their impression about this museum to the “Guest notebook”.

Department has contact with International Mining Operation Company of the RV Investment LTD Company Groups of ABS, “Azinterpartlayis X” MMC, “Moscow  Steel and Solid Alloy University” and  “Ekaterinburg Mining – Geological University” of the Russian Federation, Freiberg Technical University of the Germany.

          AIMKL provide students (8 people) with scholarship whom they distinguish themselves at the teaching process every year.