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Oil and gas geology


Babayev Mayis Sarkar ogli from May 9, 2019 is the head of the Department of Oil and Gas Geology. He is a candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences.- Phone: Job: 498-74-55; 4-62 (internal number); E-mail:

History of the department of “Oil and gas geology”

050602 – The Department of “Oil and gas geology” teaches Geological Engineering classes. The objective of the department is to prepare highly skilled bachelors, masters, engineers and doctors of philosophy for various lines of petroleum geology for Azerbaijan and foreign states.

The department of “Oil and gas geology” was established in 1934.

Professor M.V.Abramovich, an active  member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan was entrusted to run the department in 1934-1943.

In 1943-1966 an active member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, professor A.A.Yaqubov headed the department and a series of valuable textbooks and tutorials had been published under his leadership. His textbook of “Oil and gas geology”, for the first time published by him in Azerbaijani, is still topical. Even more significant achievements took place in line of preparation of scientific brainpower. More than 30 candidates of sciences (Ph.D.) were brought up under his supervision.

Professor A.A.Yaqubov founded a “Research laboratory” within the department and ran it in 1961-1966. The department faculty had been involved in the researches, conducted by the laboratory, and the results achieved were applied in various fields of petroleum industry.

An active  member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, professor S.F.Mehdiyev was entrusted to run the department in 1967-1970. Great work in preparation of petroleum geologists and scientific brainpower was accomplished during that period.

In 1970 the department was headed by an active member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, professor F.M.Bagirzade.

Professor A.S.Hajiqasimov (1971-1981), professor A.A.Javadov (1981-1986), professor V.Y.Karimov. (1986-1994), professor A.A.Karimov (1994-2004), professor H.M.Huseynov (2004-2012), professor V.Sh.Qurbanov (2012-2015), a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, professor B.A.Bagirov (1988-2016) headed the department the following years. Outstanding merits of a highly skilled faculty in preparation of personnel, textbooks, tutorials during different years of activity should be noted.

The department currently employs 2 professors -consultant, 12 associate professors, 1 senior teacher and 4 teaching assistants. At the same time, doctoral students and candidates for a degree (thesis writers) actively conduct research.

Researches are conducted in the department along with teaching. Area of research works to be followed in 2016-2020 has been established as:

1. “Improvement of exploration, sedimentological, geophysical and field geology investigation methods of deep sediments and oil and gas fields of the South Caspian basin”

2. “Regularity of formation of hydrogeological - meliorativ and engineering geological conditions of Samur-Absheron massif ”

The department of Geosciences and the department of “Oil and gas geology”, in particular, have great achievements in exploration and development of hydrocarbon fields of Azerbaijan.