Faculty of Geological Exploration


The department is training highly qualified personnel who study the geological structure of the earth's crust, location and mineral reserves in the earth's crust through the use of mathematical apparatus and computer technology at various stages of exploration and development of various deposits, especially oil and gas fields.

The department of "Geophysics" was created in 1947-1948. at the Geological exploration department. The opening of this department is associated with the leading role of geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of oil and gas and mineral deposits.

            Currently, 1 academician, 4 professors, 7 associate professors and 3 assistants are engaged in scientific and pedagogical activities at the department. The department has been functioning for 70 years and during this time 16 doctoral and 65 master's theses have been prepared and successfully defended at the department. At different times, the department was headed by: engineer A.N. Kornev (1947-1952), S.Ya. Litvinov (1952 –1970), I.O. Tsimelzon (1970-1972), H.D. Dzhafarov (1972–1985), R.A. Abdullaev (1985–1991), P.Z. Mamedov (1991–2016), V.M. Seyidov (2016 - present).

            The department works closely with the Republican and International geological and geophysical associations, research and production organizations and companies.

            Currently, the department prepares highly qualified geophysical staff at the bachelor's degree level in "Geology and geophysical engineering" and master's degree in "Geophysical engineering".

            The department is training doctors of sciences and doctors of philosophy in earth science in the specialty 2507.01 - “Geophysics, geophysical methods of mineral exploration”.