Faculty of Geological Exploration

Foreign language-2


The department “Foreign Languages - 2” was founded on December 7, 2015 and currently, teaching is conducted in 3 disciplines: English, French and Russian.

The department "Foreign Languages - 2" includes 3 departments:

1. Department of Foreign Languages

2. Department of "Russian language"

3. "Department of Languages" of the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens

The Department of Foreign Languages was established in 1929. At first, teaching was conducted in 2 languages: English and German, and later in French.

The department "Russian Language" was formed in 1927 and lasted until 2013.

The department provided instruction in the Russian language to students of the Azerbaijani sector and foreign students of the main faculty. The preparation of bachelors and masters covered the specialties of all faculties.

The “Department of Languages” (previously the department “Russian Language” for foreign citizens) of the Preparatory Department (PF) was established in 1961 and lasted until December 7, 2015.

The Russian language department of the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens has been engaged in engineering and technical profile of foreign students, and since the 80s on engineering, economic, humanitarian, medical, biological and music studies.

Over the years, the number of students studying in the department has changed from 600 to 700 people.

Since 1961, the department has trained more than 13,000 foreign students from 100 countries.