Faculty of Geological Exploration


Scientific Research and Training Laboratory on Sedimentology


The laboratory was established in 1981 and played a huge role in the preparation of highly qualified personnel in the speciality “Oil and Gas Lithology”.

              In the former USSR, the laboratory played an important role in the training of lithologic personnel in the speciality "Oil and Gas Lithology".

              After the establishment of the ASOIU, the laboratory functions are sedimentology research and development laboratory.

              The structure and texture of sedimentary rocks on the basis of the sedimentology teaching collection is now being studied at the sedimentology scientific-research laboratory.

              At present, students are taught to do laboratory work in five areas:

  1. Granulometric analysis of fractured rocks and graphs of the obtained results


  1. Thermal and Preobrejenski methods of determination of carbonate and genetic interpretation;
  2. Acquisition of colloidal fraction in clay rocks and determination of its pH;
  3. Determination of effective porosity by microscopic method;
  4. Determination of the mineral content of sedimentary rocks by optical methods.

Museum of Mineralogy

The mineralogical cabinet operating at the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry (ADNSU) has already acquired the status of a museum. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan has acquired the status of a museum, which stores and exhibits rich, valuable minerals.

The director of the Mineralogical Museum is Associate Professor of the Department of Geology and Development of Mineral Deposits of ADNSU Agamehdi Aghayev.

The museum is old with the State Oil and Industry University (ADNSU). The first creator of the museum is Professor Aslan Vazirzadeh, Professor of Geology and Exploration Faculty of the University.

The museum contains minerals from countries ranging from Bolivia to Japan, from Greenland to South Africa.

Laboratory Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

"Hydrogeology and Geological Engineer" laboratory is equipped with modern facilities and equipment. Up to 30 hydrogeological and engineer-geological works are currently available in the laboratory. Grinding of granulometric composition by the method of wettability, densities of soil, welding, cutting cylinder, Rutkowski et al. The methods, the determination of the lower and upper limits of plasticity, the mechanical properties of various methods are demonstrated in lessons. It is intended to use state-of-the-art devices for the precise performance of laboratory work with more advanced methods.