Master education

In the 2020/2021 academic year, courses for Logistics, Informatics and Foreign Language (English and Russian) will be organized for the first round of admission exams for undergraduate students who wish to enter ADSU MA.

Courses will be arranged at a monthly fee of 120 AZN (40 AZN per subject) for those who listen to each of the three subjects, and for those who participate in the “Logical Thinking” course will be paid 60 AZN per month, and payments will be credited to the ADNSU. The courses are expected to be held for 4 months from November 1, 2018 by ADNSU faculty members:

1. "Logical Thinking" - Abbasguliyev Aydin Sahim oglu (Azerbaijani and Russian departments), Associate Professor of "Engineering Engineering";

2. "Informatics" - (Russian department) Sardarov Yagub Bali, Associate Professor of "Computer Engineering"

Aghazadeh Lala Firudin's daughter - Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering

3. "Foreign language" - (English) "Eyvazova Firangiz Aga-Rza gizi teacher of" Foreign Languages-2 "department.

4. "Foreign language" - (Russian) Babayeva Joy Oktay b / teacher of "Foreign Languages-2" department.

During the course of the course, exams are organized for listeners.

In order to ensure the high level of organization of the course, it is planned to hold the position of coordinator of Sevda Salman khan Rahimova, senior laboratory assistant of the Department of Computer Engineering.

It is suggested that the salary of course instructors be transferred to their personal accounts at the rate of 50% of the student's salary and the coordinator's salary is 100 AZN per month.

The course information will be posted on the ADNSU website, on the first floor of both educational buildings and on the boards of faculty deans.

To enroll in the course, Rahimova coordinator should contact Sevda Salman kyzy (mob. 050 636 21 25, room 1224)